Psychological and Physical Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted On 2023-12-22 11:18:43

This series on “Psychological and Physical Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic” is edited by Dr. Li Ping Wong from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

Preface for the special series on “Psychological and Physical Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic”
Li Ping Wong

Original Article
Implication of the nationwide emergency announcement on coronavirus disease 2019-related preventive behavioral change among Japanese residents—a cross sectional study
Yixiao Lu, Guoxi Cai, Jinman Zhuang4, Zhijian Hu, Fei He, Haoran Sun, Taro Yamamoto, Kouichi Morita, Kiyoshi Aoyagi

COVID-19 effects on breast cancer patients: symptom presentation and critical intervals in a Malaysian hospital
Mei-Sze Teh, Mee-Hoong See, Lee-Lee Lai, Abqariyah Yahya, Li-Ying Teoh, Kartini Rahmat

Review Article
E-learning during COVID-19 and anxiety levels among university students: a systematic review
Jonas John Posko Amalaraj, Thamil Arasu Saminathan, Tania Gayle Robert Lourdes, Mohammed Ali Abbod Al-Maliki, Mohd Azli Fakri Abdul Aziz, Nurhajar Asmad Mohd Yusoff, Rafdzah Ahmad Zaki

Original Article
Factors associated with behavior of reducing anxiety in pregnant women during COVID-19 pandemic
Ika Nur Pratiwi, Retnayu Pradanie, Novita Setyawati, Vimala Ramoo

Review Article
Psychological impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on nurses and coping strategies: a systematic review
Ika Nur Pratiwi, Hanik Endang Nihayati, Rikardus Santus, Vimala Ramoo, Nursalam Nursalam

The special series “Psychological and Physical Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Public Health and Emergency without any funding or sponsorship. Li Ping Wong served as the unpaid Guest Editor for the special series.