Global Urban Health: Findings from the 2021 APRU Global Health

Posted On 2022-11-28 16:43:08

This series on “Global Urban Health: Findings from the 2021 APRU Global Health” is edited by Dr. Mellissa Withers from University of Southern California and Dr. Mary Schooling from The University of Hong Kong.

The articles included in this series were all invited papers that were presented at the 2021 APRU Global Health Conference, which was hosted by the University of Hong Kong in Nov 2021. The articles included in this special series feature a wide range of topics, from non-communicable diseases and mental health to infectious diseases and healthy aging.

Global health in an increasingly urban world
Mellissa Withers

Original Article
The role of natural environments in the effectiveness of brief mindfulness-based stress reduction (brief MBSR): depression, anxiety, stress and hair cortisol from a randomized trial
Eun Yeong Choe, David Sheffield

Review Article
Factors affecting adoption of digital contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic: a literature review
Victoria Anna Yeo, Yuqi Mi, Kei Tung Kwok

Original Article
Quitting is such a sweet sorrow: a grounded theory study of unassisted smoking cessation among Filipino adult smokers
Jochelle Sylvia F. Domingo, Kirtana Dasi T. Reyes, Cathrine Kaye M. Villegas, Allison Joseph S. Icarangal, Agnes Valencia-Raymundo

Original Article
Ramadan fasting research during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom: recruitment challenges
Hala K. Elmajnoun, Parvez I. Haris, Abu-Bakr Abu-Median

Original Article
HIV drug resistance in Southeast Asia: prevalence, determinants, and strategic management
Hui Xiang Chia, Si Ying Tan, Khin Chaw Ko, Rayner Kay Jin Tan, Jeremy Lim

Original Article
An evaluation of privacy policies used in digital contact tracing apps for COVID-19
Erin Elizabeth Greig, Reika Grace Shimomura

Original Article
Anemia and socioeconomic status among older adults in the Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)
Georgia Greenblum, Alicia M. DeLouize, Paul Kowal, J. Josh Snodgrass

Original Article
The evolution and effects of mobile health (mHealth) intervention on weight management among healthy overweight/obese populations in China: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Meifang Chen, Xuening Peng

The special series “Global Urban Health: Findings from the 2021 APRU Global Health” was commissioned by the editorial office, Journal of Public Health and Emergency without any funding or sponsorship. Mellissa Withers and Mary Schooling served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the special series.